Our Advantages

  • 1.
    stringent quality checks

    Our products undergo extremely stringent quality checks before they're sent out to clients. We follow international food safety standards like HACCP and GMP norms to ensure high quality with every single shipment.

    Products also undergo tests at a certified laboratory for Aflatoxins, Sudan I to V, Moisture Content, E. Coli, Mycotoxins etc.

  • 2.
    in-house processing

    Not only are our products sourced from the highest quality approved suppliers, they're also processed in-house in our processing unit at Mahape which carries state of the art processing equipment.

    Our clients rest in peace with the knowledge that their product is being handled by experienced people with extreme caution.

  • 3.
    customer care

    We put a ton of emphasis on giving our customers the best experience possible from the beginning till the end of a shipment. We provide free laboratory tested samples, assistance with regulatory procedures, generous credit periods etc.

    Over and above, should the need arise, we're always only a phone call away!

Our Processing Unit

Our processing unit in Mahape